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Easy Tips for Youthful Skin

How to maintain your skin healthy and elastic with a few easy-to-follow tips?

1. Enrich your diet with kale.  Kale is rich in vitamin A and retonic acid, both of which are considered to be powerful anti-aging stimulants. This is the reason why kale has been considered a great way of bringing the youthful charm back to your face. Kale, both applied topically and through a diet, will boost your skin’s anti-aging mechanisms. Studies also indicate that kale promotes nail growth and strength.  It also boosts the skin’s production of keratin due to the high level of antioxidants that it contains.

2. Double cleanse. Dermatologists advise to wash your face twice in the morning – once with an oil-based cleanser, and soon after that – with a regular wash. This tip is especially helpful for people who live in highly-polluted urban areas and those who apply make-up on a regular basis.

3. Replace caffeine with juices. Cut your caffeine intake and try to consume juices that contain ingredients known for their ability to boost the skin’s defense reaction towards aging. Also look for facial masks containing  herbs such as nettle and revitalizing aloe.

4.  Use charcoal to improve the condition of your skin. Brickets used in barbecues have been often implemented as an efficient tool of getting a cleaner complexion. You can find charcoal in a variety of facial masks, pore strips and face cleansers.

5. Adopt microneedling. Microneedling is also considered collagen induction therapy and it stimulates the skin’s ability to re-proeduce collagen and elastin..

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