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Beauty Properties of Honey

Organic honey is not only a delicious addition to your diet, but also boasts powerful beauty and health-boosting properties.

What are some of honey’s main benefits?
Honey has the ability to smooth scars. The application of organic honey over a new or an existing scar will reduce its appearance, making the scarred surface look healthier.

Either internally consumed or externally applied, honey is a major aid in the anti-aging process. Rich in anti-dioxins, honey helps bring the youthful elasticity back to your face with only a daily spoon added to your diet. You can add facial masks that contain honey to your beauty kit – they should help you effectively reduce fine lines.

Honey fights the appearance of dark circles under your eyes. In order to get rid of persistent shades under your eyes, apply a teaspoon of honey on the affected areas, and rinse with tepid water after 20 minutes. Repeat the procedure twice every week for optimal results.

Acne Treatment. Due to its antibacterial properties, honey has the ability to fight the various  types of bacteria that lead to breakouts, redness and  inflammation. Its effect on your skin is soothing and strengthening. Apply honey to acne areas, let it stay for 20 minutes and rinse with water.

Honey is a great sunburn treatment tool. Mix raw honey with organic aloe vera gel to restore and soothe burned skin.


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