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At $518k, Mercedes-Maybach S600 Guard Protects Against Explosive Devices and Bullets

Mercedes-Maybach had introduced its new 2017 S600 Guard for those with increasing safety concerns.  This new car model features armor plating and boasts a VR10 certification —the highest ballistic protection rating ever earned by a civil vehicle.

In order to obtain the VT10 certification, the model vehicle must demonstrate windows and bodywork that can withstand steel bullets from an assault rifle. This means the lucky owners of this fabulous vehicle model can go unharmed in a war zone!

What makes the vehicle even more secure is that its under carriage is armored, which means the car provides protection against explosive blast. Moreover, the sides of the vehicle boast appropriate plating to manage the handling of this type of explosion.  This effect could be only achieved with special metal that can help increase the vehicle’s structural strength.

Mercedes has also equipped the car with “special technical features” to assist the recovery process of the S600. What makes the vehicle even more preferable option is that noone can tell that you are riding in an armored car! The difference between this special vehicle and a regular Mercedes-Maybach S600 is slight!

The Maybach S600 Guard is available to those who value safety at a starting price of $518,000..

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