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Lea Black: ”I have never tried to be popular”

With a charming personality, radiant beauty, sharp mind and an impeccable sense of style, Lea Black holds a celebrity status in Miami and across the world.

One of her notable ventures is her participation in the ”The Real HouseWives of Miami”, one of the most trendy American Reality TV shows, depicting the personal and professional lives of prominent women in major metropolitan areas of the country.

In this exclusive interview, Lea Black shares with us some of her beauty secrets and also elaborates on what makes her a loved and dignified role model in American society.

Manuela Saenz: When did you realize you would be able to help so many people in American society? You’ve done a tremendous job!

Lea Black: Well… I’ve always felt that the universe is a really a big place and there is plenty enough for everybody.

I’ve always helped out people my entire life but.. It was when I married Roy Black ( a very successful crime Celebrity Attorney) that I really saw and understood the real tragedies of people. For example when a dad go to jail and the whole family is left alone with nothing and no income.. this in turn leads to the children falling in the same footsteps and a life of crime… That’s when and why I began to get really involved with helping kids that are extremely “at risk” with no adult supervision and I realized as well that there are so many other people that need so, so much.

I have always felt that If you have or even “if you don’t have” all the things you want or need in life, you should help. You can always find a way to give … whether it be financial or giving advice. There’s always a way to give and the more you give to the universe, the more blessings you receive!

Manuela Saenz: What do you do to encourage other people to help too?
Lea Black: Look, I have always been an outspoken person. I have never tried to be popular. I don’t think that being popular is a goal in life, so I think it is better to be a stand-up person rather than popular. So then I have no worries and if I feel that somebody is not doing his or her part in society, I don’t have a problem with getting their attention! Even if you don’t like to help, you have to do it anyway.
I just think they don’t know how to contribute so I start by seeing if they like it and get used to it. And if you don’t like it, there’s no problem.

Manuela Saenz: How did you start the Black Annual Gala?
Lea Black: I started with meetings in my backyard basically to save costs, so that, all the help goes straight to the people and it started to spread and grow over the years.
You can find info at www.theblacksannualgala.com. Now we are helping thousands of teens to be aware of crime and drugs in the street and it has become a big event!

Manuela Saenz: What do you do to empower women and beauty?
Lea Black: As you know, I’ve learned a lot about modeling on runways all over the world, shootings and how to help & encourage women to reach their dreams and careers in life. I learned a lot so I became an expert. I’m basically an observer and I can assure you that you need to look gorgeous for an event / meeting. Come to my home wardrobe and I guarantee that I will make you look as gorgeous as you can ever imagine!! I decided to put all my knowledge into servicing people and I’ve succeeded!!

I can recognize the good things so I notice when beauty comes naturally from within a woman. And that’s the most important thing. So when you work in an industry such as beauty designs, arts and fashion, clothing and shoes, you already know! I’m not a person who is going to spend her last penny on a dress but I do have an appreciation for it. I can differentiate fake from the real natural beauty and beauty comes from within.

Everybody wants to try the miracle formula Sudden Youth. I shouldn’t say that. But I have tried it and it’s really amazing! I can’t stop using it!
Yes I developed a secret formula for skin care treatment. It’s called Sudden Youth.

”Sudden Youth” by Lea Black

Manuela Saenz: Can you please reveal to us the secret formula?
Lea Black: Look, I used to see my grandmother and my mother using it and I started to use it for myself. The active ingredient is Albumin which is basically eggwhites with aloe vera. After a week, my friends started telling me, “wow, your skin has such a glow” so I started using it on my friends and they were all amazed. Telling me “Oh My gosh! My lines are disappearing, my pores are closed and my skin looks tighter!! They kept using it so I decided to create a business for skin care.

Manuela Saenz: When did you start making a profit in the skincare business?
Lea Black: I went to a very well renowned chemist and he developed a unique formula for commercial purposes. This formula is called Sudden Youth and you can get it at www.suddenyouth.com or www.leablack.com

Manuela Saenz: You have also written a book, very interesting by the way
Lea Black: Oh yes! Is called Red Carpets & White Lies and its about all the secrets related to the fashionistas and gossip in top society. www.amazon.com I’m editing the second version! It will be at Barnes & Nobles and it’s a whole lot of fun. I’ll give you a personalized copy.

Manuela Saenz: Oh! How great! Where can our readers buy it?
Lea Black: You can go to www.leablack.com and we will email you a personalized copy.

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