Airbus ‘Day & Night’ First-Class Cabin Offers Separate Work, Dining, Rest Areas

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Commercial flights continue to close the gap with private charters. Airbus has introduced new first-class cabin layouts that make flying commercial seem almost dreamy.

Airbus Interiors Services’ Day & Night cabin concept offers travelers more than a fully reclining seat: passengers will enjoy private sitting and sleeping areas. Designed specifically for the larger A350 and A380 aircrafts, the new dual-space concept guarantees the ultimate in comfort while flying.

The luxury suite concept boasts a number of features for added comfort, including a dining table for two, and a work desk with an ergonomic swivel chair. After a bit of work and a delicious meal, travelers can relax in the noise-insulated sleeping space while watching a movie on the entertainment screen.

Complete with a six-and-a-half-foot bed, the sleeping cabin offers airline customers a rare potential in commercial flight: the chance for a decent night’s sleep.

Although the concept is, well, still a concept, Airbus plans to integrate the Day & Night suites into planes in the next two years.


Courtesy of American Luxury