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Alexander Pacheco’s Art – A Path to Social Transformation

ALEXANDER PACHECO is a self-taught plastic artist living in the Favela of the Blue Garden in Rio de Janeiro. He has been painting since he was 12 years old. He has already organized countless exhibitions throughout the country, always with great impact on the cultural society. Pacheco has also been awarded a Gold and Silver Medal, respectively, in 2014 and 2015, at Exhibitions at the Carousel du Louvre in Paris.

Pacheco has over 300 paintings sold from the Bird Series, Florist, Don Quixote, Devotion, Northeastern, Samba, Maria Lata D’Água and Abstract, in various formats, in various global cities.

Struggling with a challenging disease and undergoing intense treatment, Alexander Pacheco finds comfort in his great optimism and perseverance, always seeking for ways to overcome his illness, and at the same time promote social transformation.

In his works, he portrays the daily life of the global communities, their experiences, influences, needs, joys and hopes, always with a touch of Carioca and Brazil, with lots of color and many quotations from the natural, cultural and architectural landscapes of Rio de Janeiro.

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“Alexander Pacheco, pure talent to be recognized!” – Carlos Vereza – actor


“The painting of Alexander Pacheco moves me by a set of motivations and is explicit by the emotional aspect of the author himself … Of course his painting is integrated into the contest of his humility and at the same time firmness as he deals with shapes and colors, with His ability to style and his digital, which gives him a certainty of the painting and the art of himself. ” ¨Melcano Costa¨ painter, sculptor and designer


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