All Aboard Florida: The Sunshine State Continuum

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“Helping others is like helping yourself”-Henry Flagler

Henry Flagler the visionary industrialist would be proud to see what the state of Florida has become in the 21st century.

Florida is at a tipping point which was six decades in the making; transforming from a sleepy, beach and retirement destination, into one of the United States’ most dynamic states.

Miami, the heart of South Florida, is undergoing a concerted development phase that will cement Florida’s ascent to the global stage not only as a business hub but a cultural and lifestyle center of the world.

Miami gets approximately 14 million tourists with 12.5 million hotel rooms booked spending 21.8 billion USD annually.

The port of Miami is touted as the largest cruise terminal in the world and approximately 39.5 million passengers pass through Miami airport every year.

Miami also has the largest concentration of international banks in the world. Impressive credentials considering this growth happened organically.

Aerial view of All Aboard Florida MiamiCenter

Furthermore, All Aboard Florida’ which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Florida East Coast Industries is slated to commence it’s high-tech/higher-speed Brightline train system in mid 2017.

It is proving to be the catalyst of this dramatic phase of transformation. The schedule route is from Miami to Orlando with stops in Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach.

Route map of All Aboard Florida

2017 will see the launch of this eco-friendly train system and the many contiguous developments such as the reconstruction and beautification of Flagler Street as well as the re-positioning of Miami Central station.

It is interesting to note that this express passenger rail initiative is being carried out by a privately owned U.S. company. This is the first time in over three decades that entrepreneurs are taking the lead in such an endeavour.

All Aboard Florida MiamiCentral Design Unveiling

Perhaps keeping true to the spirit to which Henry Flagler set out to grow this Sunshine state.

But why exactly is this project critical for the future of Miami?

To put things into proper context Florida’s population is currently the 3rd largest in the United States surpassing that of New York State.

In just a hundred years, Florida has grown from 1 million inhabitants to approximately 20.6 million people. Thus a modern transportation system that is both economical and efficient is crucial to the sustainability of Florida’s socio-economic progress.

Secondly overall construction investment, activity and employment is reportedly on the downtrend in the wider Miami-Dade County.

Miami’s film and banking industry is also experiencing a slowdown. It is for these reasons and more that All Aboard Florida is a timely undertaking at a critical juncture of Florida’s advancement.

Let’s not miss out on this journey and get on board.