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An Athlete’s Path to US Immigration – P-1 Visa

In Brazil, being involved in sports leads to attractive professional opportunities and the chance for a dynamic international career. Moreover, being involved in sports gives one the possibility to continue their career beyond the country’s border and even migrate to another country, such as the United States.

How Can Non-Professional Athletes Obtain an Immigration Status in the United States?

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to obtain an immigration status in the United States. If your achievements correspond to a certain criteria, you might be able to qualify for a P-1 Visa, according to Robert Kravitz, Senior Partner at the Miami-based Law Office of Kravitz & Guerra, a law firm committed to serving the immigration needs of the international community with EB-5 Visas, Various Immigration Visa Types, Real Estate Transactions for Foreign Buyers, International Business Law, Litigation, Commercial Law and Offshore Company Formation.

In order to become eligible for the P-1 visa, an athlete must demonstrate international acclaim and recognition. The athlete must also show that he/she will take part in a distinguished competition, event or performance while in the US. This event must be of sufficient importance and also reflect the high skill level of the visa applicant.

According to Attorney Robert Kravitz, a P-1 visa will allow the athlete to live in the United States for a period of up to five years and complete the approved sports-related itinerary. The athlete must demonstrate that he corresponds to the at least two of the below-listed categories:

  • He/she must take part in an international competition with a national team
  • Should demonstrate participation or a contribution in a prior season for a major US college/university in intercollegiate competition
  • Present a written statement from a  government official or a media expert attesting to the international acclaim and recognition of the athlete
  • Provide evidence of a significant honor or an award
  • Provide evidence of a high ranking (if ranking is applicable)

The athlete should have a sponsoring employer or an agent who will file the visa application on his/her behalf.

Also, there might be additional conditions and factors that may facilitate your case. That is why it is always important contact an experienced immigration lawyer for evaluation and assistance with your case.

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