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Bahia, a Brazilian Tropical Gem

If you are headed to Brazil and look for a scenic resort for respite, check out the luxury spot Bahia which has been drawing cosmopolitan crowds from all over the world, with its golden beaches, sunny skies and breathtaking scenery. Rain forests and 1,000km coastline are some of the resort’s unique features, along with desert islands and pristine bays. The beaches are peaceful and tranquil, and not overpopulated.

The resort is enlivened by the presence of numerous sea animals, including sand turtles and sea whales. Numerous villages provide surfing opportunities, while trendy beach resorts & bars will appeal to those in pursuit of thrilling nightlife.

Bahia is an upscale destination – it attracts models, athletes and Hollywood stars, all looking to enjoy its lush tropical greenery.

One of its most noted locations is Coco Coast. Palm-lined streets, lively surfers and pastel building colors are some of the highlights of the resort. Its long beach is a perfect spot for tranquil walks in the sun.

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