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Florida’s Best Wineries

Though not as popular as other states’ wineries, Florida’s wine spots are unique on their own.

Schnebly Redland’s Winery, Homestead

Schnebly Redland Winery is the best place for those seeking relaxing, yet quite non-traditional wine tasting. With its bubbly waterfall,  tiki huts and wooden tasting tables, the winery provides a tranquil escape from Miami’s intrinsic dynamics. Home to exotic-produced wines made from avocado, guava, lychee and mango, the winery will appeal to those who like fruity wines. Live music performances often accompany the tasting events.

San Sebastian Winery, St. Augustine

Founded in 1996, the winery provides free tastings and education tours.  With the dazzling St. Augustine skyline in the backdrop, the winery is a perfect spot for dining and live music. The winery is nestled in one of Henry Flagler’s old East Coast Railway buildings just a few blocks from downtown.

Summer Crush Vineyard & Winery, Fort Pierce

A family-owned winery creation, Summer Crush Vineyard & Winery in Fort Pierce is the perfect place to chill and indulge in authentic wine deliciousness.  Handmade wine barrels and the owner’s unique memorabilia make the place look cozy and welcoming. White sand pool and landscaped pool remind guests that they have found themselves in the paradise of Florida!

Strong Tower Vineyard & Winery, Spring Hill

Open since 2001, Strong Tower Vineyard & Winery became a Florida Farm Winery, where 11 lush acres are now home to three grape varieties each chosen for its own unique flavors and characteristics. Both wine experts and casual wine fans  will enjoy the seasonal blueberry, strawberry and watermelon elixirs. Visit the local wine shop with plenty of delicious wines to take home, from whites, reds, blush that range from dry to sweeter. Wine tastings take place at the veranda.

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