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Jair Bolsonaro, The Light of Brazil’s Political Elections

In view of the disturbing economic setting in Brazil,  everyone in the country looks forward to a major political change.

The country’s most promising Presidential Candidate Jair Bolsonaro has awaken the hopes of the local population, which has been reflected in the candidate’s approval rate of above 75%.

Witty, pragmatic and disciplined, Bolsonaro promises to transform the country in a positive way, and bring it back on its path to political stabilization. With Brazil’s crime rate sky-rocketing to extremely high levels, the country looks forward to a drastic political change in the face of Bolsonero, with his anti–corruption views and military background.

Economically, he supports the idea of less government intervention in the economy.  He has no corruption record throughout the course of his career.

The presidential candidate also promotes tough stance on crime and ”traditional family values.” He also plans to cut taxes, more specifically business taxes, as a way to stimulate business growth and employment.

Unlike candidates of the opposition, Bolsonaro brings a fresh prospective to Brazil’s political environment, and focuses on lowering its crime rates and stimulating its overall economy.

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