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Can Foreigners Set Up a Business in the United States?

The US economy attracts foreign business people willing to set up new business ventures in the United States. Can a foreign citizen who has no Green Card or a US citizenship set up a business in the United States?

Setting up a business venture does not automatically give you the right to live and work in the country.  Consult an experienced immigration lawyer who will assist you in obtaining a work permit and help you apply for a Green Card /Permanent Residence in the long run.

You cannot set up a business without qualified legal assistance or sufficient preparation and pre-tax planning.

Most foreigners prefer to open an LLC instead of a C corporation, because the latter is associated with increased taxes. Most foreign entrepreneurs are not aware that they don’t need a US address to incorporate their business in the US. You can structure your foreign company to own the US-based LLC to minimize the complications and tax burdens.

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