January 21, 2015

Alimony in Florida

What is alimony? Alimony is a set amount of money that one spouse pays to the other during the divorce process or/and following the final divorce. […]
January 20, 2015

US Announces New Travel Regulations for Cuba

The US government has officially announced its intention to restore its diplomatic and economic ties with Cuba. This means that U.S. trade and travel restrictions on […]
January 13, 2015

EB-5 – Questions and Answers

u do not need to have any specific background to apply for an EB-5. However, you must demonstrate sufficient funds to set up a business enterprise […]
December 16, 2014

Foreigners Buying Real Estate in the United States: What Are Your Advantages?

Foreigners who purchase a  property in the United States are often unaware of the numerous benefits associated with the property acquisition. Here are several advantages for […]
December 9, 2014

Choice of Business Entity

The choice of business entity in the United States is an important decision which should be made with the assistance of experienced counsel. SOLE PROPRIETORSHIP The […]
November 24, 2014

Offshore Company: What Is It and Why Should You Form One

What is an Offshore Company? A company registered in a jurisdiction that is considered a “tax haven” is generally called an “offshore” company. These companies are […]
November 21, 2014

Obama Announces Executive Actions on Immigration

Last night,  we all watched as President Obama told the nation about the unilateral Immigration actions he is taking.  Here is an outline  of some of […]
November 19, 2014

How to Open a Company in the United States

Even if you are not a resident or citizen, you can invest in the United States. B1 visa holders – business visa – have the right […]
November 14, 2014

Expired Student Visa – What Are Your Options?

Graduating from an American university may grant you numerous privileges, but may also affect the duration of your legal US residence. Completing your studies may mean […]
November 13, 2014


Registering an offshore company in the United States will not only expand the business horizons of foreign investors, but will also provide them with various tax […]
November 13, 2014

The Number of Brazilians Applying for L-1 Visa Increases

An increasing number of Brazilians choose to immigrate to the United States to invest in their own business venture, expand their business horizons, or simply look […]
November 3, 2014

Foreign Cash Buyers

The number of foreign investors in the US has been rising at a rapid rate. Skyrocketing real estate prices in foreign countries and the improved economic […]