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The Spirit of Rio 2016!

The world is united in Rio de Janeiro for the Summer Olympics, taking place under the shared ideals of competitive sport and global unity!

It is rewarding to watch and listen to people from different countries and cultures, at the international “Houses” (the Pavilions for each country), in the restaurants, clubs and on the street, as they succeed in somehow communicating with one another, even though they do not speak the same language, and may never have the opportunity to visit each others’ countries or see or speak with one another again… Still, they are eager to share and experience the positive vibes emanating from the Brazilian “Cidade Maravilhosa“!

The Olympic Games, through competitive sporting events, not only bring together different cultures despite inherent differences, but also showcase the best human tendencies toward peaceful union and hopeful optimism.

As well expressed by Thomas Bach, the president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), one of the goals of the Games is to inspire “Olympic values” – and this should be the end game of all sports competitions, and of humanity in general.

So far during these Games of the XXXI Olympiad, the United States has been the big winner, with 23 gold medals achieved so far, and Michael Phelps ending his amazing career with new world swimming records.  It is very interesting the message which the United States continues to impart to the world, which has to do with overcoming obstacles and pursuing  dreams against all odds.

Certainly, the idea that you can accomplish and achieve anything you set out to do in life — that if you try, you WILL succeed — is a very inspiring message.  It is a message promoted by worldwide Olympic sponsor, Samsung:  Within all athletes, there is the spirit of defying barriers, and it is this ingrained #DoWhatYouCant mentality which moves all of us, and contributes to progress.  It’s likely we would not be here now if our ancestors did not possess this “Olympic” spirit.

From another angle, foreigners in Brazil are showing their dissatisfaction with all of the scare-mongering and negative media reports about these first South American Olympic Games, and the city of Rio de Janeiro in particular.  In the past year and months leading up to the successful and beautiful Opening Ceremony, the media, particularly in the U.S., fostered untrue statements about Rio’s unpreparedness and general incapacity to host such a global event of importance; statements of errant, irresponsible reporting which quite literally scared people away – people who now regret not attending the Olympics.

Media Hysterics
See What You Missed?

Some Brazilians reply by saying that Brazil is accustomed to, and very good at, surmounting challenges, and this in fact goes hand in hand with not only the positive message of the American athletes, but also the very spirit of the Olympics themselves.

As some foreigners have put it: “bad news travels fast” (and sells newspapers!), and the histrionic media always needs attention.

Florida Review Magazine would love to hear about YOUR experiences during the Olympic Games in Rio.  Are you there now?  Will you attend?  We want to hear your opinions and anecdotes.  Some of you will be selected to receive an exclusive invitation to Vivienne’s List!

You may not have what it takes to COMPETE in the Olympics, but do you  have the “Olympic Spirit”  to make it to Vivienne’s List?

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