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Commercial Real Estate Contracts

Before you sign a commercial lease, you should take into consideration numerous factors. In order to sign an effective commercial contract, you need the qualified assistance of a business transaction lawyer.

Depending on the nature and goal of your business, you may have to evaluate the length options for commercial leases.

If you plan a rapid expansion, you may need a short-term lease. Those who plan a long-term lease should consider negotiating a suitable price. In all of these cases, you need the assistance of a qualified business lawyer who will make sure your rights are fully protected and your obtain optimal outcome.

On all occasions, you need to have an exit strategy from a commercial real estate contract. The contract must have a provision that gives you the option to cancel the lease ‘’for a good cause,’’ if necessary.  Discuss your commercial lease with an experienced real estate lawyer, who will advise you on the most effective exit strategy for your particular situation.

You also need qualified legal assistance and a lawyer who will negotiate all conditions and provisions on your behalf, and make sure that your rights are always protected.

Under Florida law, commercial landlords have many rights and they are always protected from problematic tenants and tenant defaults. These conditions include lease termination, accelerated rent, enforcement costs, etc If your contract contains any of those conditions, you have to find a legal way to mitigate them.

For designing and/or evaluation of your commercial lease, contact the experienced real estate lawyers-contributors at FR at attorney@kravitzlaw.com or +1.305.372.0222

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