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Corbett Lighting Impresses with Culturally Expressive, Visually Provocative Statement Pieces

For more than 40 years, Corbett Lighting has bound together aesthetic traditions, movements in art history and haute couture influences to create culturally expressive, visually provocative statement pieces. Using compelling design, fine materials and advanced manufacturing, Corbett Lighting approaches lighting design as an art, which is demonstrated by their meticulously perfected pendants, chandeliers, sconces and flush mounts.

Their vanguard of expert designers, artists and influencers are cultural curators who conceive of lighting design as that which must be at once expressively rich and modernly relevant. They draw inspiration from galleries, museums, runways and jewelry boutiques in order to design lighting fixtures that are globally pertinent and masterfully sophisticated, showing the timelessness of celebrated brands like Chanel and the iconic distinction of design houses like Prada.

Corbett Lighting’s materials are as scrupulously sourced as their areas of inspiration — their experts cull fine crystal, fabric, glass and metal from the offerings of knowledgeable suppliers. These materials, which span from Spanish alabaster to Venetian glass, ensure Corbett Lighting’s fixtures exceed their elevated standards of appearance, functionality and durability.

Their precise manufacturing specifications and the lofty expectations of their skilled artists guarantee Corbett Lighting produces high-quality fixtures that meet exact benchmarks and incorporate modern technologies. Each feature of their fixtures becomes an object of focus, as their artisans precisely handset bias-cut crystals and as their designers manipulate advanced LED lamping to fit the unique aesthetic of the fixture featuring it.

With a rich sense of culture and aesthetic intuition, Corbett Lighting creates fixtures with compelling, multidimensional design made of fine materials and manufactured to perfection.

Courtesy of American Luxury

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