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What You Don’t Know About Alkaline Water Could Be Making You Age

By Silu Scheffer

I spend an awful lot of time exercising and taking care of myself by eating superfoods, getting enough sleep and making sure I stay mentally sane. But lately I’ve been paying careful attention to the water I drink, which is actually more complicated than we think.

In fact, not all water is made equal.

The more I talk to water experts, the more I realize how little we know about how water can help us live longer. So I set out to find out what makes water the building block of life and that youthful look we all want. In my search, I ran into TEN Alkalife water, a bottled water company that puts anti-aging front and center.

Curious to learn more, I boldly scheduled an interview with the president Jose Fernandez to understand what makes alkaline water so special. In our conversation with Jose, he clarified that as we age, we lose bicarbonate in our blood, exposing all of us to the signs of aging we have come to accept with time. Bicarbonate is what keeps our blood alkaline (stable and clean). Sounds scientific, I know, but I promise I will make sense of it all for you.

45 years of age is the point where we begin to lose significant bicarbonate in our blood and it turns out water is truly our fountain of youth. According to Jose, bicarbonate neutralizes acid in our blood to maintain a balanced blood pH, resulting in the elimination of acidic waste in the human body. Without bicarbonate in our body, we begin to age and by the time we see the effects, it is too late.

In my water craze, I read a fascinating book called Reverse Aging by scientist Sang Whang, which confirms through many scientific studies that not having enough bicarbonate in our body is the direct cause of aging.

I’ve been interested tremendously in the topic of anti-aging, and staying youthful has a lot to do with our nutrition as most of us already know. But our water intake plays an equally important role. According to several Korean scientific studies, our bodies have the highest level of pH level in the infancy stage and then later into adulthood, levels drop off tremendously. In essence, losing alkalinity in our blood is what stops our bodies from being able to neutralize and remove fatty acid, acetic acid, lactic acid, and even cholesterol. And if you live a stressful life, scientists have confirmed your acidic levels rise much more.

Fortunately, there are two methods that can help us replenish bicarbonate in the blood: drink pH alkaline water and/or take enteric-coated alkaline mineral pills. Jose says TEN Alkalife water offers water with the highest pH balance. After comparing it to even the most luxurious brand names known in the marketplace, I believe he is correct.

This caught my attention especially after my intense spinning classes where all I want to drink is any kind of water. Now I’m finding that the kind of water we drink to replenish our bodies needs more careful attention, especially if we want to live longer.

Experts will confirm that the best kind of water adds alkalinity to your bloodstream.

If you think about how much waste we put into our body through fast food, soft drinks, or even alcohol, you’ll agree our bloodstream needs to be cleansed at a much more deeper level. What most people do is a simple detox or juicing regimen, but this isn’t enough. It’s no so much about drinking purified water either. I’m talking drinking water with pH levels that will position the body to remove dangerous acidic waste in an effort to operate.

Another technique worth mentioning is chelation therapy, which injects a synthetic solution-EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) into the blood via intravenous therapy to grab and remove metals and minerals such as lead, mercury, copper, iron, arsenic, aluminum, and calcium build up in the body.Chelation therapy is a perfect solution if your doctor has already determined that your blood contains heavy metals that are directly affecting your health. For a more proactive approach, switching to alkaline water may actually be the trick. Often times. I get asked which is better: filtered or purified water?

I figured we should clarify what each represents. Purified water is water that gets impurities removed (more than 99.5% usually) through different purification processes. Purified water may originate from either a spring or surface or groundwater source or directly from the tap. The purification process comes later. This process can use some chemicals to remove impurities, like iodine or chlorine. Magnesium and calcium in water can be removed using a process called reverse osmosis.

Filtered water uses different filters to remove impurities from water. Filtered water retains minerals such as calcium, zinc, and magnesium,  unlike purified water. Water filtration systems can remove heavy metals, pesticides, mercury, lead, and arsenic.

What about drinking cold vs. room temperature water?

In Asia, drinking hot water before and after a meal is common practice, while in the United States not so much. There’s a reason for this, and we all should know. Cold water actually helps solidify fatty foods, making it more difficult for your body to break it down. In fact, it slows down your digestive system. When you drink water that’s room temperature or a slightly higher in temperature, your body is better prepared to breakdown the food you eat, helping you to eliminate toxins, for example. Eastern medicine and culture embraces water and all its benefits.  It’s possible that this could be one of the many reasons why Asian societies have longer life expectancy rates. For me though, it’s not about living a long life, it’s about living a life that’s informed and prepared to make healthy decisions.


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