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Dubai’s ‘Floating Seahorse’ Homes Have Underwater Bedrooms

Article Courtesy of American Luxury

Just off the coast of Dubai sits a chain of islands known as “The Heart of Europe,” a man-made reconstruction of actual European countries on a smaller scale and part of an even larger series of artificial islands called “The World.”

Now “The Heart of Europe” will get its first-ever floating home, dubbed “Floating Seahorse,” which is the first of a larger fleet of Floating Seahorses.

Designed by the Kleindienst Group, the Floating Seahorse comes as a result of over 18,000 combined hours of research, design, and engineering with participants from 25 countries working to make these homes a reality. Priced at $2.8 million, Kleindienst sold about 60 Floating Seahorses last year before ever building an actual model, and there are still more for sale.

The Seahorse features a 270-square-foot underwater section with a master bedroom and bathroom. Above the water, the living is just like any other beach-front resort with owners and guests able to enjoy a massive floating bed or views from the observation deck.

The Floating Seahorse name has another purpose for Kleindienst. The design firm will also create a protected artificial coral reef beneath the floating homes in hopes of helping to preserve and restore the endangered seahorse population in the area.

Kleindienst is launching the first Floating Seahorses soon and hopes to complete the first phase of the project in October 2016..

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