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EB-5 – Questions and Answers

u do not need to have any specific background to apply for an EB-5. However, you must demonstrate sufficient funds to set up a business enterprise in the United States. You can start the process by filing for an I-526 (Petition by Alien Entrepreneur).

When the administrative process is completed, the foreign investor is eligible to receive a conditional Green Card shortly after his/her entry in the United States.

EB-5Conditional Green Card – EB-5

The EB-5 Investor will be granted a conditional Green Card for the period of two years. After the 2-year period is over, the investor may apply for Removal of Conditions in order to obtain Permanent Residence

Acceptable Type of Invested Enterprise

The EB-5 program has no set up requirements about the type of the invested enterprise. Acceptable types of investment enterprises include corporations, limited partnerships and limited liability companies. The choice of your business entity might have various administrative and legal consequences. For an evaluation of your case, contact an experienced immigration attorney who will propose solutions best tailored to your needs.

What Are Acceptable Types of Property/Items as Investment for EB-5

Numerous foreign nationals interested in obtaining an EB-5 visa want to know the type of property/items may count towards their EB-5 investment. Some of the acceptable investment types are:

  • Cash/Cash equivalents
  • Inventory
  • Other tangible properties

Consult an experienced immigration attorney regarding the type of acceptable investment for the EB-5 process.

All capital must be valued in US dollars, at a fair market price. The investor does not need to provide the total capital amount immediately, but should complete the funds provision by the end of the 2-year conditional residency period..

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