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Element Aqua, Haven for Aqua Sports

Element Aqua is an indoor fitness center designed for aquatic fitness, with a focus on aqua cycling. Element Aqua is based in the MiMo District of Miami and will be the sole destination for fitness enthusiasts to embark on a new and innovative fitness journey in the water.

Working out in the water is the way of the future. It is challenging and invigorating, and it brings about the sensation of lightness and well-being.

Element Aqua is envisioned to give you an overall experience in wellbeing: the boutique facility is a haven of comfort and urban design; a place where the body can work hard and the mind can relax, a place for healthy living both inside and out. Element Aqua is committed to helping your body grow strong and your mind stay at ease.

Located in the vibrant MiMo district, Element Aqua is a high-performance fitness facility offering guests a serene and luxurious atmosphere unlike any other. The studio is minimal in design, helping to create a relaxing and frill-free destination where the sleek interiors promote a peace-inducing environment.

The industrial and modern designs create a spa-like setting, and provide state-of-the-art facilities throughout. The in-ground swimming pool is equipped with 20 stainless steel professional aqua bicycles, designed and manufactured by Hydrorider in Italy– a premier aquatic fitness equipment company. The indoor space is climate controlled and the swimming pool is kept at a comfortable 83-85 degrees Fahrenheit all year round.

The changing rooms and showers are designed for maximum comfort and tranquility. Italian stone tiles lay across the floors and modern white subway tiles dress the walls. The changing rooms boast private lockers with keyless locks and private showers along with complementary towels and amenities. Each toilet, faucet and showerhead helps Element Aqua reduce the facilities overall water consumption. The toilets are high-efficiency toilets,
flushing at least 20% below the standard model, while the faucets and showerheads are low-flow faucet aerators.
The facility has been carefully designed to ensure a sustainable fitness environment. The 3,000 square-foot warehouse is bathed in natural light, drastically reducing the use of electricity.

The natatorium, which contains 1 pool that is approximately 4 feet deep, is located in a sealed room to help reduce the dehumidification surface. The Dry-O-Tron dehumidifying system is equipped with a ‘heat recovery system,’ which captures the air’s humidity and heats the pool water with it, allowing the facility to completely eliminate the need for an electric or gas heating system.

Aqua cycling offers numerous psychological and physiological benefits. This high intensity cardio workout helps establish and maintain long-lasting endurance with minimal impact on the joints. Each session promotes flexibility and coordination, while the water reduces muscle soreness and enhances the blood flow. Each aqua cycling session can burn up to 700Kcal. After only a few sessions, you will see tangible results, leading to a slimmer waist and reduced cellulite, along with reduced stress and improved sleep.

Pictures Courtesy of Pravda Architecture Design

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