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Escrow Disputes

Escrow account is an intermediary which facilitates a transaction and holds the funds secure until a transaction has been completed.

Typically one-time transfer is not implemented, due to the large amount that might be involved in the transaction. The escrow transaction may require a few different transfers.

Most Miami escrow disputes come as a result of real estate transactions which involve large financial amounts.

However, there are occasions in which a party might decide to withdraw from the transaction. Then the so called escrow conflicts may arise. When this happens, you need the assistance of a qualified immigration lawyer. To avoid escrow conflicts, lawyers use trusts to hold the funds, because trust are much safer than escrows.

Miami escrow disputes can be quite complex because each of the parties may feel entitled to the funds, and may claim the funds, or part of the funds. That’s why escrow disputes require the assistance of an experienced real estate lawyer. Contact ourcontributor Genilde Guerra at +1.305.372.0222 or attorney@kravitzlaw.com

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