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Ferrari 488 GTB to be Presented to the World in March

The super potent Ferrari 488 GTB will be presented to the world at the International Geneva Motor Show in March.

Following the tremendous appeal of the mid-rear-engined V8 model, Ferrari’s 308GTB, the Prancing Horse introduces something new to mark another phase of its 8-cylinder history. The new Ferrari 488 GTB is adapted for every-day use by non-professional drivers. The model will be easily navigated in an urban setting.

The nimble car is noted for its very high response reactions and easy navigation functions.  With its newly refined electronic and vehicle control systems, Ferrari 488 GTB will boast optimal road performance.

Ferrari 488 GTB’s outstanding V8 turbo ranks at the top for its power output, response times and torque. It wll have the ability to accelerate from o-200 kh/h in the time span of just 8.3 seconds. Its noise is sharp, clear and highly distinctive, right in tune with its image of a fast sporty car.

A design product of the prominent Ferrari Styling Center, the new Ferrari model boasts highly sculptural flanks, which have turned into its most distinctive characteristic. Its significantly wide front spoiler has a double profile that is aimed to improve the radiators’s thermal efficiency. Ferrari’s low, broad tail has been dominated by effective aerodynamic solutions, which also include innovative blown spoilers.  The car’s circular LED lights have also been redefined.

When it comes to design, there is certainly one word that best describes Ferrari’s new model – usability. The design is intended to provide a defined sporty image, and a polished concept of comfort.



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