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Florida’s Best Food and Wine Festivals

Florida has the perfect sunny weather year-round which gives tourist and locals the chance to attend various outside  food & wine festivals.

The Epcot Food and Wine Festival, Orlando (Disney)

The Epcot Food and Wine Festival is what a lot of Disney-infatuated food lovers look forward to. The Disney-based culinary festival draws diverse crowds for global food presentations that feature delectable dishes and beverages from all over the world. Celebrity chefs bring unique meals and exotic beverages to the public during the festival. Their culinary presentations are often accompanied by music series or even concerts.

The Key Lime Festival, Key West

Key West is well known for its iconic Key Lime Pie. The small town even features an annual Key Lime Festival to celebrate this symbolic Florida dessert? Pie eating competitions, surrounded by live entertainers, make the festival truly entertaining.  The four-day event  features various Key Lime-themed events such as a Key Lime Rum Sampling and a Key Lime Pie Hop.

South Beach Wine & Food Festival, Miami

Attended by top-notch celebrities and movie stars, the South Beach Food & Wine Festival can be a perfect go-to spot for those who look to experience an authentic food & wine festival in the fanciest possible way. A five-day event that takes place in February,  the SoBe Food and Wine Festival brings together cosmopolitan crowds eager to taste the various fine dining samples which have been paired with one-of-a-kind beverages. The event features celebrity chefs and unique happy hour themes.

Key West Lobsterfest, Key West

The Key West Lobsterfest marks the opening of Florida’s lobster season.  The event takes place in August and attracts lobster fans from all over the country.  Concerts open to the public, a lobster boil and a street fair are some of the festival’s features.  Take the chance to enjoy a catamaran ride or hit one of Key West’ pristine beaches while attending the festival.

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