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Foods to Combine Your Fitness Diet With

An exercise routine on its own is not enough to help you achieve the figure of your dreams. There are various food options that will be able to enhance your diet and boost your exercising abilities. Research has shown that the consumption of certain nutritional elements  will speed your recovery, stimulate your physical endurance and help you build muscle mass.

1. Honey – Boosts you physical strength

Research conducted at the University of Memphis Exercise and Sport Nutrition Laboratory has discovered that the regular consumption of honey right before your exercise routine will stabilize your blood sugar, helping you maintain your well-being during strenuous physical exercise longer. Honey is an all-natural sweetener which has the ability to increase one’s speed and power.

2. Pea protein powder – Delays muscle fatigue

Pea protein powder has been known for its ability to reduce muscle fatigue thanks to the amino acids and compounds that it contains.

3.  Blueberries – Fight inflammation

According to a recent study from the Appalachian State University, the regular consumption of blueberries will help boost one’s recovery processes from various illnesses or chronic fatigue. Also, blueberries have a powerful anti-inflammatory ability and can easily restore the normal condition of dying cells.

4.  SalmonHelps build muscle mass

Omega-3 fatty acids which salmon contains have been known to fight the symptoms of diabetes and heart disease.

5. Watermelon – Reduces blood pressure. Recently, Spanish sports medicine scientists discovered that watermelon juice helped relieve muscle soreness when about 16 ounces were consumed an hour before exercise. The effect is likely due to citrulline, a natural substance found in watermelon that’s been tied to improved artery.

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