HUBLOT – Big Bang MP 11

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July 10, 2018
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July 17, 2018

3D  Carbon,  Smoky  Black

A  leader  in  the  shaping  and  industrialization  of  high-tech  materials,  Hublot  breaks  the  glass  ceiling  with  a  case  in  3D  carbon—a  composite  of  polymer  matrix  (PMC)  woven  with  three-dimensional  fibers.  Ultra  light  and  highly  resistant,  the  case  houses  a  movement  with  exceptional  properties.  The  unique  architecture  and  ultra  complex  movement  mark  an  unparalleled  aesthetic  and  performance.

The  Challenge

The  hour  and  minute  display  is  driven  by  a  vertical  gear  train.  The  force  of  the  barrels  is  tilted  on  a perpendicular  plane  by  a  transmission  system  rarely  used  in  watch-making:  the  90°  degree  gear  wheel  with helical  teeth,  like  an  “endless  screw.”In  another  new  feature  for  this  innovative  caliber,  the  balance  wheel  is transposed  to  the  dial  side  to  create  symmetry  with  the  helical  gear.  Vibrating  at  4  Hz,  the  watch  features  a newly  patented  index  assembly  system.

New  Generation  Carbon

The  three-dimensional  carbon  structure  creates  unique  facets  and  reflections.  The  45mm  transparent  dial with  smoked  glass  sides  reveals  an  engine-inspired  architecture,  allows  the  black  PVD-treated  mechanism  to be  admired  with  its  polymer  matrix  composite  case.In  addition,  this  nouveau  movement  with  exceptional autonomy  can  be  wound  by  hand  using  the  large  fluted  crown  or  with  the  help  of  an  electric  Torx  stylus inspired  by  racing  cars.

Key  points:  Made  in  3D  carbon,  this  new  watch  dubbed  “All  Black”  provides  an  exceptional  view  of  its seven barrels  coupled  in  series,  and  the  display  roll  for  the  power  reserve.  This  multi-cylindrical  construction, positioned  on  a  horizontal  axis,  guarantees  a  movement  with  two  weeks  of  autonomy.  Anexploit!

Plus:  The  new  Big-Bang  MP-11  is  also  available  in  a  sapphire  model  with  absolute  transparency.

Characteristics:  45mm  case  diameter,  3D  carbon  case,  3D  carbon  bezel,  openwork  movement, HUB9011 manufacture  hand-winding,  seven  barrels  coupled  in  series  with  a  display  roll  for  the  power reserve,  270 parts  including  39  rubies,  waterproof  to  30  meters,  14  days  autonomy,  strap  in  structured  black  rubber.

Weight:  90  grams

Price:  80,000€