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L’Appartement Store Founder Emmanuelle Bernard Mixes Elements of the Past and the Present During an Art-Basel Kick-Off Event

To kick-off the Art Basel season this year,  L’Appartement Store founder Emmanuelle Bernard, has brought together two trendy exhibits into her Wynwood space.  

Abandon y Opulence”, by Christian Richter, presented with ART LEXÏNG is one of these unique exhibits.

Richter is a German photographer whose passion for abandoned buildings finds constant expression in his unique art.  Some of the buildings which he portrays could be easily considered relics of art, or symbols of rich cultural heritage.

His solo exhibits demonstrate the effect of the passage of time on buildings in despair. Richter’s art opens the door to already forgotten worlds of the past.

An abandoned music hall by Christian Richter, who takes photos of old buildings all around


To accompany Richter’s urban landscapes and structures, Bernard has decided to team his art up with one of her favorite French design labels for a very special Art Basel showcase,  PETITE FRITURE.

The collection features mirrors, lamps and other elegant interior design elements, all by internationally-acclaimed designers such as  Sam Baron, Noe Duchaufour Lawrence and India Mahdavi. 

Among the best seller you already know Vertigo, a stunning fixture designed by French acclaimed Constance Guisset.

‘Vertigo’ furniture elements

What is unique about these two exhibits is they combine the world of the past with the world of the present into fabulous whole. The main point that Bernard wants to prove is furniture is art in itself and it takes a creativity and imagination, you can make your home your beautiful castle.

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