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Learn Entrepreneurship in the Mountains of Northern Italy with Ricardo Bellini

A Brazilian entrepreneur Ricardo Bellini created a school of entrepreneurship and established its headquarters in Northern Italy. His motto is: “Since I did not think it was impossible, I went ahead and did it.” This phrase, with a positively aggressive meaning, was able to transform this 51-year carioca to one of the most successful businessmen of the country and position his name among the most popular in the world of entrepreneurship.

With a flair for incredible projects, including partnerships with the current American President Donald Trump and John Casablancas, the founder of Elite Models, Bellino now takes a step which definitely seems to stamp his passport with the seal of boldness.

After discovering a small medieval community hidden in the mountains of Northern Italy, Ricardo decided to settle there, among stone churches erected on ancient Celtic ruins. This is what he calls the School of Life, a multidisciplinary immersion which seeks to awaken the highest Potential in both professional and personal dimensions. Detail: the city is also named Bellini.

Last April, Ricardo Bellino did what he liked best, took out his ideas from their concept and materialized the dream by leading almost 50 participants in his first mentorship initiative (held for eight days) through the snowy peaks that separate Italy from France. It literally changed the routine of the less than 150 locals – people of various professions; Doctors, businessmen, teachers, artists, lawyers, but all with at least one common goal: to undertake.

The concept of entrepreneurship developed by Bellino, the man, and put into practice in Bellino, the community, clearly exceeds what one normally entrepreneurship means. In the school of life, to begin with, the teacher does not teach ready-made lessons that will serve all. The idea is to make the subject learn for himself, and it is up to Bellino and his team to only indicate the paths and accompany the pilgrim at the crossing.


At the age of 21, with almost no money and without speaking a word of English, Bellino was able to bring to Brazil one of the largest modeling agencies in the world. He was also able to convince the millionaire Donald Trump to invest In his project and for 30 years has been collecting winning initiatives, Bellino seems to have added all these experiences and today embodies the typical role of the mentor, someone whose capacity for resilience and adaptation to the new realities is enabled for a dual mission: to help build projects.


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