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Lemon: Its Remarkable Benefits for Your Health

You might have probably heard of numerous doctors and nutritionists who speak about the benefits of adding fresh lemons to your daily nutritional regimen. And their advice is correct – lemons have remarkable benefits that span from cancer-fighting ability to anti-aging effects.

What are the benefits of lemons?

  • Weight loss. Scientists recommend a daily intake of a half a cup of lemon juice to boost your weight loss process. Lemon juice has the remarkable ability to control bad bacteria in the digestive system and help you get rid of excessive fats.
  • Cancer-fighting ability. This chemical contained in citrus fruits- limonoid – has the natural ability to prevent lung, mouth and colon cancers.
  • Just like bananas, lemons contain a healthy dose of potassium, known for its ability to increase muscle strength.
  • Water in lemon is known for the energy-inducing and mood-boosting qualities. A daily water with lemon cup will make your brain brighter and your memory stronger.
  • A piece of lemon brushed to your skin will be able to ”mask” some of its aging signs.


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