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Little Plane, Long Range: Textron Aviation Unveils the Cessna Denali

Many incredible new planes wowed onlookers at last month’s Oshkosh Air Show. However, few expected to be so enamored with Textron Aviation’s new Cessna Denali single engine jet.

The new turboprop was crafted as a future leader of the high-performance market with the ability to achieve cruise speeds of 285 knots, all while carrying around 1,100 pounds of fuel. All that capacity means Cessna sports a remarkable range of 1,600 nautical miles when cruising at high speeds.

With one pilot and four passengers, travelers will be able to jet from New York to Miami or even London to Moscow without stopping and all while enjoying Cessna Denali’s spacious and luxurious interior cabin fit for passengers and all their baggage.

Slated to hit airspace in 2018, the impressive new plane has been designed with easy handling in mind and the capabilities of a high-performance turboprop. The pilot will also be taken care of with a new Garmin G3000 intuitive touchscreen avionics suite, complete with split-screen capability and multi-function displays.

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