MAJOR Trendy Events for 2017
January 9, 2017
The Raleigh Presents Burning Man-Themed Party: SPF Pool & Beach Season 2
January 18, 2017

It is no secret that for NYE festivities, Miami is the place to be!  With its thriving nightlife and never-ending glamor, the city attracts chic & trendy crowds from all over the globe, who would like to ring in the New Year in style. Being the place of fashion lovers and globe-trotters, Miami offers it all, from iconic nightclubs such as LIV, Story and Mynt, to five-star dining options, waterfront taverns and spectacular yacht parties.

Some of the best places to be in December are parties hosted by locals, such as Aneta Magdalena. Almost every year, Aneta hosts a one-of-a-kind event to celebrate the NYE in a trendy manner at her waterfront Hibiscus Island home. This past year the theme of the event was Moulin Rouge, and the mandatory dress code requested girls to wear playful burlesque outfits. The dress code for guys was suits or tuxedos.

The party featured some ”Moulin Rouge-style” accessories such as red cocktail glasses, red velvet furniture, red glittery Christmas decorations and red and white balloons. Tall glasses next to which people could pose for a picture enhanced the glamor of the event.

Dance and fire performances brought extra excitement to the chic NYE festivities.

Pictures Below Courtesy of Miami photographer Ilmar Saar:

moulin rouge

moulin rouge 3

moulin rouge4


Aneta Magdalena

moulin rouge5

Gerli Matai



moulin rouge6

Griselda Lechini and Genilde Guerra


moulin rouge7

moulin rouge 9

moulin rouge12

Victoria Krutova & Constantine Max