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New York artist in Rio de Janeiro during the Olympic Games!

Eddy Bogaert, a New York artist, is currently in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, not only to enjoy the Olympic Games, but also to exhibit his art in a mansion in Santa Teresa, an amazing neighborhood in Rio! http://www.eddybogaert.com/blog/

One very interesting concept in Bogaert’s art is the “Persona”: Using multiple layers, Eddy creates the “mask” we all wear to hide our real selves – and by manipulating colors and light, Bogaert is able to portray the “true self”. With colors flowing in every direction, a “chaotic balance” is achieved! In Eddy’s own words: “My work is called a ‘chaotic balance’ because through the chaos one can start seeing balanced patterns and subliminal messages that with the naked eye one can not see”.

Eddy is having a solo art show this Saturday, August 13th, at 6 PM in Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro. You will have this one time opportunity to see Eddy’s art, enjoy this amazing venue in Santa Teresa, and meet Bogaert in Person(a)! For further info or to be invited please contact us! Don’t  regret missing this Opportunity! Keep your #FOMO levels low!

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