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Opening a Restaurant Business in Florida

Florida attracts numerous restaurant owners willing to expand their business. There are also many aspiring restaurant owners who desire to set up a new dining or entertainment venue in the sunny state.

Establishing a restaurant requires qualified legal assistance. Contact our business attorneys and we will advise you on how to set up your business venture.

Select the Type of Business you Intend to Set up

You can choose from a partnership, a corporation or an LLC. Ask your attorney for advice on which structure will benefit you most, based on your particular situation. Familiarize yourself with your duties and obligations in the case you purchase a franchise. The purchasing of a franchise requires the assistance of a qualified business transaction lawyer.

An experienced business lawyer will assist you in structuring your business in a way to look appealing to potential investors.

Real estate, Lease Contracts, Rental contracts

Defining the right location for your restaurant is paramount for the success of your business venture. However, the legal aspects of purchasing or renting a real estate venue can cause complications in the process. Contact an experienced business and real estate lawyer for assistance with the drafting of purchase agreements and /or lease contracts.

Business and Other Licenses

The running of a restaurant requires a variety of business and food licenses, including a liquor license if you intend to sell alcohol.  Contact a qualified business lawyer for assistance. Failure to comply with regulations may result in revoking your licenses. Your lawyer should be able to guide you into the legal conditions of the process.

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