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Political Asylum

Political asylum may be granted to individuals who reside in the United States and don’t have the ability to return to their home country due to prosecution/fear of prosecution on the basis of their race, religion, nationality or political beliefs.  Contact an experienced immigration attorney for assistance if you feel you might be eligible to obtain political asylum.

In order to obtain political asylum in the United States you must:

  • Request an asylum at a port of entry (border crossing, airport or seaport)
  • Submit an application within a year of arrival in the United States
  • You might be exempt from the one-year deadline of filing in case of extraordinary circumstances that might have prevented you from filing within a year of arrival

Keep in mind that you are eligible to apply for a political asylum regardless of your immigration status. Illegal immigrants can also apply for political asylum. The information presented in your application and your interview with an Immigration Judge will determine your final eligibility.  In order to avoid delays and traps on your way to obtain political asylum, you should seek the services of an experienced immigration lawyer. A lawyer with numerous years of experience assisting foreign nationals with their immigration matters will make sure that your asylum application is complete and you are well prepared for the final interview.

For information and assistance on travel conditions during your political asylum application, or how to proceed with your work permit application,  contact the Law Office of Kravitz & Guerra, T: +1-305-372-0222 or attorney@kravitzlaw.com.

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