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Pollen, a New Pam 3D Printer

Pollen, a new French additive manufacturing company, has released its new Pam 3D printer, changing things up by using pellets instead of filament spools for the raw materials of the printer.

The Pam printer boasts a wood frame and prints at up to 400 millimeters per second with the ability to produce an impressive range of materials including composites, natural fibers, thermoplastics, metal particles, silicones, and more.

“We’ve been in R&D stealth mode for five years,” said CEO Cédric Michel. “It was difficult to spend so long not talking about it to anyone. It’s a great moment for us to finally be able to go public.”

Pollen suggests using their pellets because they make them from the best available materials, and the parameters have already been programmed into the device. However, the company has said that customers have the option of using their own pellet materials if they so choose.

The Pam is available at a pre-order discount of $8,900, with the price set to double when it officially becomes available in 2017.

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