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Presentation of the New Collection of Roman Jeweler Luciano Fochini

In the middle of September of this year the presentation of a new collection of a stylish Roman jeweler Luciano Fochini and his brand ZERO43 took place in Margutta street in the center of Rome next to Fellini’s house. The Roman high society, including actors and journalists gathered to celebrate the presentation of the new collection of extremely original jewelry. Fashionable DJ, stylish public, glamorous jewelry and lots of light turned the evening into real success.

As soon as it was permitted, my friends and I started trying on Luciano’s creations together with other guests of the evening.

New original style – that’s what impresses everybody in Fochini’s jewelry objects famous for innovations in each detail. First of all, his jewelry have been made of most unusual metals as the author does not use only traditional gold and silver, but new original exquisitely polished metallic compositions  and precious or non-precious stones.

Luciano’s jewelry is not meant to be worn by an ordinary woman. They have been created for a bright individual with strong character. It’s not possible to say “No” to such a woman. The jewelry pieces are not simply some sort of decorations but real art objects often made in a single copy hence definitely absolutely exclusive ones. You are impressed not only by original design and unusual shape and form. Luciano’s creations can decorate any most strict attire and enhance the owner’s individuality.


As explains the jeweler himself his new collection is dedicated to the ancient castle of the city of Ferrara. According to an old legend the architect of the castle ordered to keep a huge diamond stone in one of the castle’s walls when construction was under way. That is the reason why the castle walls are considered to be always shining even in complete darkness. The diamond was supposed to be a gift to the most beautiful lady whom the architect fell in love with but who refused to accept his present and as the result the diamond has been glowing for centuries remaining a part of the most beautiful building.

Unusual shapes and forms of Luciano’s objects remind us of this story and some of them are shaped  like castle roofs. Massive earrings of a very unusual design, amber decorated monumental rings and necklaces, impressive bracelets have been created from various metals in fantastic original fairy-like designs.

Having asked the jeweler a few questions I find out that he is a professional art historian and had studied the subject at the university. Besides that, he is a professional stylist who had been inspired by Eves St. Laurent’s creations. Many of Fochini’s pieces were created to be worn with the famous stylist’s historic dresses.

Among the jewelers Luciano praises Cartier as the greatest artist of the world.

Being an extremely knowledgeable person, Fochini is an extremely interesting person to talk to. He knows architecture amazingly well and probably that’s why his latest collection is dedicated to the historical building of Ferrara where the famous diamond is being kept.

Fochini’s massive jewelry pieces do remind of medieval decorations and that is the reason why his objects are often used by cinema directors to shoot historical films. As the jeweler himself says his things can not only decorate a dame but become a suitable decorative piece for an old furniture. Such an element was deliberately created by the jeweler to make his objects multi-functional.

I pay attention to a bracelet shaped as handcuffs and ask Luciano how popular might this very shape be among his clients. “My dear you might not believe me but this is one of my bestsellers”, the master responds winking at me and I realize that this very bracelet must definitely attract the opposite sex a lot.

The most important thing about “ZERO 43” collection is the fact that they had been made in Italy and designed by a real Italian artist. That’s why you can be absolutely sure everything sold in his shop is an original masterpiece done with great knowledge of arts history and outstanding talent depicting historical traditions and modern tendencies of this wonderful country.

Author: Ekaterina Shevlyakova

Ekaterina Shevlyakova is an international journalist, based out of Rome, Italy. Her topics of interest include fashion, travel and luxury lifestyle.

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