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Qatar Royal Family’s Boeing Jet Listed for Sale, Could Bring In As Much As $640M

If your commute stretches to 8,000 miles one-way, there’s a cream-puff of a conveyance currently for sale that might fit the bill for you. The financing won’t necessarily be easy, but the vehicle has logged only 400 hours of flight time, and you’ll be able to transport your entire office staff in your rideshare.

The Boeing 747-8i is being sold by AMAC Aerospace in Basel, with no formal price set; the opulent turbine-powered bird could bring in close to $650 million, however, according to some estimates. The approximately $375 million base sticker price of a new 747-8i might make the price on a used example seem steep, if you didn’t know the aircraft had been commissioned by Qatar’s royal family.

And a quick look will confirm that many millions of dollars were expended to customize the massive airliner, transforming it into a flying palace. The colors white, maroon, gold and blue are evident everywhere; white and maroon are the national colors of Qatar. Blue may indicate spirituality, and gold prosperity. Custom tile floors, a great deal of gilt, lounges, a boardroom/dining room, ten bathrooms, a master suite, an entertainment system specially designed by Panasonic, and a small operating room are among the airliner’s amenities.

Sorry, no trade-ins.

The 747-8 is the largest passenger aircraft currently in production in the United States. Globally it is only bested in size by the Airbus A380.

Courtesy of American Luxury

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