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Rimowa’s Electronic Luggage Tag Means You Can Check Bags From Home

German luxury luggage maker Rimowa doesn’t just create beautiful bags but also creates useful products that take high-end to incredibly practical. The brand’s new electronic luggage tag allows users to check bags from the comfort of home.

There are few things worse than waiting in line at an airport and this new tag helps customers to avoid that certain burden. Rimowa’s new e-tag works by displaying baggage info in the same format as traditional paper tags.

Even better, customers don’t have to worry about a tag falling off since the device is built in with a digital screen near the handle. Prior to heading to the airport, travelers simply send their digital boarding information via Bluetooth from a smartphone to check a bag. The new details then show up on the electronic display.

Lastly, flyers drop their bag off at their airline’s automated check-in station and then head straight to security. Here’s to hoping there’s new technology to shorten that line.


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