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Who Are You Sleeping With Tonight?

Tonight, as we lay comfortably in our beds, together with us will lay millions of dust mites and circulating in the air around us will be billions of bacteria, allergens and other microbial creatures we would better live without. We are constantly attempting to kill them. How can it be that they are growing in numbers and in the effect on our lives?

There is vast research about the necessity of probiotics inside our bodies for the function of the digestive and the immune systems. It is less known that probiotics make up 98% of the bacteria outside of our bodies: in the air, on our bodies and on surfaces. Probiotics are good bacteria whose duty is to keep environmental balance and keep infectious bacteria from overgrowing. And where are all these good bacteria now?

Today, people spend 90% of their day indoors, breathing recycled air from air-conditioner ducts. If they are lucky those ducts have UV light air treatment installed, killing all bacteria filtered through it. When cleaning with chemical cleaning supplies, we attempt to kill all bacteria as well. The problem with this approach is that we kill the good with the bad– and we need the good bacteria to protect us from the now evolved bad bacteria and allergens getting right back into the air with a vengeance. Bacteria and allergens colonize in the air ducts and on shared objects, like door handles. No existing purification system is treating those objects regularly.

Better Air (www.BetterAirUS.com) developed a device (BA-008) for home and office use, dispersing a repetitive flow of BioZone Probiotics back into the air. The Probiotics land on every surface and object in the treated area and disinfect it. It is doing so by sending good bacteria to consume the resources available to bad bacteria, thus creating a competitive and unfavorable environment for bad bacteria to reproduce in. Within hours, pathogens like bacteria, mold, dust mites and allergens disappear and with them the symptoms caused by such pathogens like asthma, airborne allergy attacks and bad odors caused by microbial development.

The BA-008 device can be placed anywhere in a room and can effectively treat up to 800sqf (75 square meters). For those who are traveling, Better Air provides a spray bottle: both travel size and a larger bottle, containing the same probiotics consumed when eating one’s favorite yogurt. The relief from allergies, asthma and bad odors is immediate.

Better Air’s commercial and home devices have been installed and tested in hospitals and commercial buildings around the world for the last 5 years and are now available in the U.S. The Probiotics are cultured in Belgium under strict adherence to EU and U.S. quality standards. The company is currently looking for distribution partners in Brazil, Latin and South America..

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