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Stay Aware of Accounting and Tax Preparation Firms Claiming to Offer ‘’Immigration Document Services’’

AILA, the American Immigration Lawyers Association, has brought to the public attention that tax preparation companies and some accounting firms have started offering ‘’Immigration Document Services’’. The companies have featured these services on their websites, blogs and brochures, claiming that they adopt professional software and hire qualified ‘’bi-lingual immigration assistants’’.

AILA advises that Federal Law has clear definitions about the type of people who can practice immigration law before USCIS and EOIR.  In fact, AILIA has been always dedicated to educating the community about harmful consequences that may come as a result of adoption of those fraudulent, ‘’for-profit’’ services. Be aware that accountants do not have the necessary education or qualifications to handle immigration paperwork. For assistance related to immigration matters, contact a qualified lawyer with extensive experience assisting foreign nationals.

AILA has been lately processing complaints submitted to USCIS, EOIR and the FTC regarding potential abuses associated fraudulent services offered by tax preparation and accounting firms companies. Accounting and tax firms have applied attorney’s fees for the completion of the I-786 form. They also promise to file the I-786 form at a much cheaper rate and have tried to convince people that they do not need legal support in processing the documents.

ALIA has reached out to the immigration community in order to protect them from harms and negative consequences that may come as a result of the improper adoption of those services..

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