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The enchanted stones of the Serra do Sincorá, Bahia, Brasil!

The enchanted stones of the Serra do Sincorá!

By:  Reginaldo Marinho

When climbing the Serrano, bucolic corner of the Muritiba Municipal Park, fifteen minutes’ walk from Lençóis, the tourist has under his feet countless diamonds guarded, for many millions of years, by the polymictic conglomerates of the Serra do Sincorá. Fortunately, there is no way to detect them and they will remain there for another million years.

Who climbs the mountain range walks on true works of art carved by nature, in the rock formed by minerals ejected from the bottom of the Earth. Along with this material came the diamonds, these fascinating stones that play with the female imagination of the whole world. The path leads us to a dive into an unknown world of spectacular shapes and colors.

The riverbed covered by multicolored pebbles with several forms, that united by the sedimentary amalgam, compose these magical figures sculptured and surprisingly polished by water. In certain areas of the riverbed, the surface of the stone is so polished that it can be assumed that the water was enriched with diamond particles.

The photos taken in the bed of the Lençóis River, show intriguing images representing anthropomorphic figures, gnomes, elves, animals and beings that inhabit the lyrical world of fantasy lapidated by water during millions of years. The polymictic conglomerates that predominate among rocks of the Tombador Formation are characteristic of the Chapada Diamantina. They are surreal images that express in the stone a visible transcription of the language of the dreams, characters that inhabit the collective unconscious.

The exhibition offers an artistic reading of a geological phenomenon and intends to present to the public, in a simple and direct way, this geological heritage so visible and frequent across the Chapada Diamantina landscape, particularly in the Serrano area, at Lençóis. It is an invitation to decipher the signs engraved on the stone, to understand this magical universe born together with the diamonds that dominate the Serra do Sincorá.

The exuberance of the landscape of the Chapada Diamantina is so fantastic that it hides from the view of the tourists this phenomenon and we intend to remove that veil that covers the visitors’ eyes.

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