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The Under Line, the Project that Will Fully Transform Miami’s Spirit

With the goal of mimicking the iconic High Line in New York City, Miami’s Under Line, whose ground-breaking ceremony just took place on Nov 1, will completely transform the overall city spirit and look.

The park will be also an alternative transportation solution for the Miami’s growing population.

The urban park will accommodate bikers and pedestrians. It will also create a regional network of trains, connecting Coral Gables and South Miami with the city’s downtown area.

The Under Line will be an area for relaxation, leisure activities, walking, biking and street art. A few designers are already in negotiation with the City of Miami to contribute to the project with their creative urban ideas.

Local plants that will bring fresh vibes to the area, and create habitat for exotic bugs and butterflies.

The new design will create a lively city atmosphere, by adding a few extra features, such as playground, gym, and outdoor rooms.

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