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TIKD, a Miami-Based Startup To Allow Drivers to Resolve Traffic Tickets

TIKD, a Miami-based tech startup who recently launched their web app that allows drivers to resolve and fight their traffic tickets in 2 minutes or less straight from their phones.

As the newest addition to Miami’s growing tech and startup scene, TIKD wants to empower drivers to know they have a convenient solution when issued a speeding or traffic ticket. TIKD is a data-driven company and in the business of ticketing, TIKD also has the opportunity to uncover interesting (and sometimes controversial) trends in data regarding the existing system.

According to TIKD, 90% of citizens simply pay their ticket to rid themselves of the stress and hassle of dealing with lawyers or going to court whilst another 90% of all minor traffic tickets are dismissed. TIKD is here to offer an alternative by providing a user-friendly web app eliminating the need for lawyers, additional fees and can be used within minutes of being issued a ticket. Over 80% of license suspensions in Florida are due to failure to pay summons or fines.

According to its founders, TIKD is helping drastically to reduce this number and reduce drivers anxieties when given a ticket by offering them an alternative solution.

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