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For many years Trussardi shows of each new season are held in the magnificent palace Palazzo Serbelloni in the center of Milan. Each time when I approach this unique historical building to attend a new show my heart beats rapidly at the well-known sight: big crowd of people among whom professional journalists and bystanders are expecting arrival of a famous pair: the Trussardi heir Tomaso with his famous wife Michelle Hunziger currently an Italian TV presenter.

VIP are patiently expecting their turn to be photographed with the TRUSSARDI logo in the background. I’m queuing as well to be depicted in the spot.

But there is little time left before the show. The lights go out and famous actor Adriano Giannini, son of famous Jan Carlo Giannini appears on the podium. He reads a little monologue as if reading a newspaper article to the audience telling them what had happened within the last few weeks. But in fact it is a short romantic sketch about inevitable flow of time saying how awful it is to waste disappearing days and how interesting it is to look forward to future events.

At the cords of modern music and singing choir Trussardi models are appearing on the podium to show new company’s collection called “Elegantly Pop”. I’m immediately impressed by bright colours of this collection: fuchsia, bright pink, violet. It looks like a reminder of the 80s – 90s styles. It’s a typical post modernism style. The new concept is bound to express the essence of Trussardi brand: keeping traditions and delicate attitude to renovations.

The stylish bright jackets are decorated by TRUSSARDI logo, bright leggings made of shining materials.
Jackets, elegant dresses and pencil skirts as well as high waist trousers have been made of the most popular fabric of current collection which is suede. One more important element of this collection is never dying and always popular denim fabric.

The most important feature being the major print of Trussardi is present on jackets, dresses, everywhere. The collection in the “elegant pop” style was created by Guy Trussardi the heir of the fashion house and it encompasses the styles of all three latest decades as we can see features of 70s, 80s, 90s.

The fashionable cult bag “lovey bag” advertised by Michelle Hunziger accompanies the majority of clothes and there are a lot of varieties of this bag starting from the most traditional one to the model made of multicolored leather depicting Trussardi logo of course.

Trussardi woman is a bright active individual. Even wearing casual style clothes she is elegant, attractive and her attire is always bright and colourful. She is a Spring itself, the spring of beautiful elegant Italy.
The decorations created by the young designer Maria Vittoria Paolillo add brightness and luxury to the spring every day clothing.

The show was created as a theatrical show and at the end of this interesting play its creators Gaya Trussardi and Adriano Giannini come out on the podium to greet the cheering public.

“Show must go on” and fashion house Trussardi proves it by their bright collection.

Ekaterina Shevlyakova is an international journalist, residing in Rome, Italy. Her interests include fashion, travel and luxury lifestyle.

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