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Vacation Destination: Ibiza

Ibiza is turning into the preferred ”vacation hotspot” for numerous celebrities, including Paris Hilton, George Clooney and Leo Di Caprio. The growing popularity of this scenic Mediterranean island is due to its pristine beaches, ultra luxury yachts, world-famous DJ performances and memorable nightlife scene. In Ibiza, you can party like a rock-star, or lounge under an umbrella in the sun – the resort will accommodate the seekers of calm holidays as well as those who want to enjoy their vacation to the max.

What to See: From the Ses Salines National Park and the Nature Reserve of Les Vedra, Ibiza has so much to offer to the those who want to enjoy the sight of nature’s wonders. For a change of scenery and observation of unique high-end yachts, head out to the Port of Ibiza, featuring some of Europe’s most glamorous boats and yachts.  If you want to be a part of Ibiza’s historical setting, visit Atlantis. The area used to be a former quarry whose rocks give basis to the Old Town of Ibiza.  Ibiza’s architecture has earned its name as a ”white island.”

Where to Relax: Ibiza is the all-European resort where you can enjoy the murmur of the Mediterranean sea and its gorgeous sights from all of its pristine beaches. You should head to Cala Xaracca, located on the island’s north coast where you can indulge in revitalizing mud bath or enjoy snorkeling.

Where to Dance: For dance parties, Ibiza is definitely a ”must-go spot”. You can choose from an infinity of nightlife options, including Blue Marlin, one of Ibiza’s famous beach clubs and Amnesia, host of renowned DJs, including Calvin Harris and Paris Hilton..

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