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Vacation Destination – Sardinia

Sardinia is considered to be one of the Mediterranean’s most scenic islands.  This Italian jewel has always drawn eclectic visitors from all over the globe who come to enjoy its pristine  nature spots.

What to Do. In Sardinia, there is one thing that you can never get tired of – hitting the beach! Among Sardinia’s most popular beaches are the world-famous Li Coggi Beach, Costa Smeralda and Cala Gonone, all listed as ”The World’s Best Beaches” in numerous publications. If you want to enjoy the historical richness of Sardinia, you should head out to Tharros or Nora. In those open air museums you can relish the sight of antique monuments, symbols of the ancient Roman civilization. If you are on the adventurous side, go underground to explore the mysterious Sardinia mines. The tiny village of Ingurtosu has been considered to be one the most significant mining zones of the island.

Where to Eat. Sardinia is the mecca of traditional Mediterranean food. For the best authentic gastronomic experience ,  put local restaurant Su Combidu on your ”must-visit” list. The tavern is conveniently located in the center of Cagliari. There you will be able to try  the strong flavored Cannonau local wine, the raviolli like, mint -flavored Culurgiones and  the traditional crispy bread.  Alternatively, if you want to team your authentic meal with a breath-taking panorama, you can choose I Frati Rossi, featuring yummy lobster dishes and chocolate-themed desserts.

Where to Chill. Those who prefer more sophisticated, celebrity-style setting should head out to Il Portico, and indulge in the bliss of delicious fruity cocktails. If you love the casual setting of wine and live music, mark La Tasca as a ”must go-to” venue. And if you hope for a wild night out on the town, opt for some of Sardinia’s exclusive nightclubs/dance venues, including Baia Chia and Lagoon Club.



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