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Welcome to the World of Electric Jet Skis

Up until now, water toys have been excluded from the world of e-powered conveyance. Hungarian company Narke is changing that, though. They’ve launched their electric jet ski, the Electrojet. It’s a marvelous idea; the fun of a jet ski without the annoying whine and polluting exhaust of a small IC engine.

Narke has declared the toy to be the world’s first production-scale electric personal watercraft (PWC), and they’re right. Other companies have experimented with the idea, but none have chanced production.

As a progressive symbol, the Electrojet is potent; it’s a sleek and powerful example of how electric technologies are becoming mainstream, and recreational. It looks thoroughly contemporary, too. The watercraft boasts a carbon construction, and is powered by a 45-kW electric motor which produces 60 horsepower. It can hit a top speed of 35 mph.

The new sit-down jet ski gets its energy from a lithium-ion battery pack that offers up to 90 minutes of riding time. That’s not optimal when discussing a day off, and Narke’s charging time of two hours for 80% means the Electrojet, in its current form, will be only usable to most people for 90 minutes a day, unless a charger is located nearby.

The company is already working on a removable battery, though, which would allow owners to take two or three charged units with them on an excursion. Such a possibility would make the Electrojet incredibly attractive, so Narke just might have a winner on its hands.

Official pricing and release information is forthcoming.

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