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When Hope Meets Reality…

With the second term of Brazil’s Presidential elections approaching, the country enters a state of tension and hope. With the right-wing Jair Bolsonaro from the Social Liberal Party, and the left-wing contender Fernando Haddad who trails Bolsonaro on the poll representing the PT Party. With the history of corruption leading to this date, it is clear to the Brazilian population that they need a drastic change. The PT Party has been in charge for over 13 years, and it has sunk Brazil into a financial and criminal hole. Brazil has been ravaged by the worst corruption scandals in history, led by the opposition and its leader who, from jail, continues to give orders, even under arrest for corruption. Brazilian citizens no longer yearns for change, they demand it.

Brazil needs a leader that will bring security and stability, to combat the uncontrollable unemployment rate. International entrepreneurs no longer believes in Brazil. Millions of corporations closed due to the violence, high taxes, and bureaucracy Brazil has, and all of this is a result of the PT leadership. The promising candidate Jair Bolsonaro possesses a strong military background, but has been constantly attacked by the media. Such as, Globo one of Brazil’s major news source. What the media doesn’t expose, is the fact that candidate Jair Bolsonaro promises to cut their state budget from 80% to 40%. Which will result in more funds to the military and the people, and less funds to the manipulative and fake news.

Another substantial proposal Jair Bolsonaro proposed, is to privatize public companies, which will lead to a decrease on the massive ongoing corruption. For example, Petrobras one of the biggest corruption scandal demonstrates that Brazil, will need to substantially improve the transparency and accountability, of their operations and of their board governance. If public companies enters privatization, the union will have less power, resulting in more power to the state and municipals.  Brazil will gain over 1 trillion Reais in profit to help the economy grow again.

Lastly, but not least one of the biggest changes he is proposing Brazil to gain, is the gun control law. Giving good standing citizens the ability to have access to guns. The crime rate is so high, and at this point citizens should be able to defend themselves. Giving them the authority to own a gun, will give them force to combat the criminals, when police officers are not at the scene. The goal is to fortify the military, and to demolish the criminals. Brazil needs a drastic change and the only one capable of achieving that is the right-wing Jair Bolsonaro.


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