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Wynwood Art Series: Art Gallery Scenario

“Each of our Artists Have Their Own Story. Come and Discover It.” That is  one of the leading inspirational ideas behind the Wynwood-based Scenario Gallery, a contemporary fine arts gallery that bring artists from all over the globe together for the expression of their unique ideas.

Curated by Chad Loweth and introduced to the public in 2016, SCENARIO Gallery has showcased the works of artists who focus on contemporary ideas: oil or acrylic sculpture, videography and paintings.

Henry Richardson 

Henry Richardson

His technique focuses on ”the quintessentially modern medium of plate glass”. Richardson adopts sdtone scultping and the latest technological tendencies in cutting, chiseling and bonding glass for the creation of ethereal, radiant art objects.

Fabio Messa

Fabio Mesa


“In my work, crowds march toward common goals, which revolve around dreams that
human beings share as a society: the search for peace, the struggle for a better life”, that’s how The Colombia-native describes  his art. The ”walkers” are united in the pursuit of their dream, and their destination is often undefined.


Ori Gal

ori gal

He has focused his art in the idea of light, love and ”pure, unconditional high vibration”

Elizabeth Jordan

elizabeth jordan
Thanks to her travels to locations such as India, Haiti, Africa,  etc., Jordan depicts the beauty and dignity of people living in challenging situations, while telling the stories of brave women and children through her paintings.
For more information, visit Scenario Gallery at 444 NW 28th St, Miami, FL 33127 or call at (917) 331-3706

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