The All Powerful Yoga Roller: For the Fitness Jedi

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February 16, 2017
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We know you’ve been hitting the gyms and busting it in your training. From swinging kettle bells, lifting weights, spinning bikes to complicated Yoga poses.

Getting fit is not about burning yourself out. Recovery must occur before progress can be made. If you’re still heading to the gym with a sore body, time to get a Yoga roller and stretch yourself to the road to fitness.

And no, yoga rollers are not just for yogis.

This one cool tool can give you a lifetime relief of tight muscles and save you all that money you’re going to spend on deep tissue massages.

According to a study conducted by Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, post-workout yoga rolling helped to speed recovery.

People who yoga-rolled fared better in the days after their hard workout. They had less soreness and performed better in tests of vertical leaps and muscle contraction.

Need more reason? Some athletes reported increased range of motion and blood circulation after yoga rolling.

This is because rolling with a yoga roller has a relaxing effect. It activates your parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for helping you unwind and recover. As you roll over tight spots and trigger points, the muscle relaxes.

Picking the right foam roller

Like you and I, yoga rollers come in different shape, size, density and surface texture.

Image source: Rei

Most yoga rollers are colour-coded according to firmness. If you’re just starting out, choose one that is softer and longer (36 inches).

Longer rollers are great for back and is more stable compared to the shorter ones. If you’d like to target specific areas such as your calves or arms, the short roller (24 inches) will be more effective.

Textured rollers are slightly pricier compared to smooth rollers. It has ridges, knobs and it mimics the hand of a masseuse. It’s more precised and intensed but for a beginner, we highly recommend you start with a smooth foam roller.

Harder rollers may be more durable and long lasting while the softer ones can get deformed after heavy usage. But if your foam roller is too hard, it can cause bruising and pain which will backfire your fitness regimen.

Where to get your fitness saber:

Yoga rollers are generally available in most sports equipment store. If you’re around Miami, you can check out Runners Depot, FootWorks or Midway Sports for your very first fit saber.

Alternatively, you can get it online from Trigger Point Performance, Rove Rollers, Gym Source, Lux Fit, Target and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

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