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March 13, 2018

A living trust should be a mandatory tool for estate planning.

A Florida living trust is a kind of a will – it defines the nature of your assets, specifies who will receive the assets and determines who will be responsible for implementing your wishes.

One of the major benefits of a living trust is protection against probate costs, related to the legal right to transfer your assets to heirs after your death.

A living trust gives you a full control over the trust assets for the duration of your life. With a living trust, you can add or remove trustees, modify trust conditions and even terminate the trust.

A Florida living trust gives you the option to change your plans, based on your particular circumstances. It has some extra benefits, such as tax reduction and smooth wealth transfer. A living trust also provides you with the option to maintain full asset privacy and protect your beneficiaries from public eye scrutiny. Contact us at +1.305.372.0222 or for assistance with the formation of your Florida living trust.

A Florida living trust remains as private as you want it to be. Another great advantage of a living trust is that you can assign a trustee who will have the ability to manage the assets in case of a preliminary death or incapacitation.